Seniors: Leaving The Nest

Seniors: Leaving The Nest

Oprah Winfrey once said, “education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” Our seniors will be leaving us in a few short months. Find out where they are going below!

“I chose Michigan State University because it is a place where I can grow and develop along with getting the education needed to excel as a future educator.” – Kristan Maxie

“Defiance University because they have my major and a good work study program.”- Kean Richey

“I chose University of Michigan because I spent the summer there and really enjoyed the city life. It is very lively and different from West Bloomfield and I am most excited about that.”- Claudia Kassouf

“Grand Valley State University because it’s going to be a fun experience living on a campus and I can go home every weekend or when I want to.”- DJ Cruse

“I’m most excited to go to Ursuline University because it gives me a chance to play softball while also getting my college degree.”- Briana Benge

“I’m excited to attend Michigan State University because I have been visiting for the past three years and now I am finally a student. I get to start my career and I cannot wait for the student life along with the football games.”- Lamont Davis

“Baker College because they have a phenomenal campus from the classrooms to the dorms. Also, their classes are very hands on and it is easier to obtain help.”- Brandon Jennings

“Michigan State because I am excited to meet new people and be successful on my own.”- Erica Teklinski

“Tiffin University because I have a great chance to come in and compete for the starting position and they have my degree there which I am very happy about.” –Chris Watkins

“I am attending Definace University because it is a small college and I’ll be able to focus more and I am excited about playing with Kean and Austin again.” -Tremaine Ross

“I will be attending College for Creative Studies in Detroit because I think I will get to meet so many aspiring artists, just like me, and I will be starting down the road to my new life.”- Ila Mindell

“Central Michigan University because I have wanted to go their since I was a freshman.”- Mario Giglio

“The School of Visual Arts because I am excited to really start focusing on my passion which is film production.”- Mason Wilson

“I am most excited to attend Grand Valley State University because a lot of my friends go there, I love science, and the science classes that are coming in 2015 are great. They also have an amazing campus, it is really clean.”- Kianna Kareem

“Adrian College because it is nothing like high school and I am ready to take on new challenges and learn to be more independent.”- Jordan White

“I am going to the University of Michigan because I will be in the honors program which focuses on humanities which I am very interested in.”- Asma Al-Khshali