Acceptance and Progress

The West Bloomfield High School Gay Straight Alliance’s seniors leave their legacy for one of the school’s newest clubs


West Bloomfield High School’s GSA, or Gay Straight Alliance, is a fairly new club which has only been around for 3 years. The club’s teacher-sponsors, Mr. Smith and Ms. Firoz, direct the group in team building activities, social activism, and fundraising events. You may have seen them selling ribbons at all lunches in support of LGBT support, acceptance, and awareness. Spectrum sat down with the group’s seniors, Loren Bargren and Sarah Kubsik to discuss their experience as seniors in the club. When asked what the focus of the group was, Kubsik responded, “The main focus of our club is not only about acceptance among the LGBT community but it’s also about informing people about LGBT issues and stopping bullying towards the community.” We continued to ask them what their favorite event of the year that GSA sponsored was to which Kubsik said, “I really like the day of silence. It’s not just for the people in the community it’s for allies too. It’s basically a day where we all stay silent to honor those who have hurt or died for the cause.” When Bargren was asked the same question she said, “I don’t really have any favorites. I just enjoy being here knowing I can be someone and support others.” The GSA is a unique club that the school’s students and seniors continue to enjoy every day. It’s members and teachers are always open for questions if Spectrum readers ever are interested in joining the club or learning more about topics relating to the LGBT community. Seniors in the club include Loren Bargren, Sarah Kubsik, and Megan McKay-Pfieffer.