Four Year Goal

Boys’ Soccer Seniors look back on their career


This season, the boys’ soccer team, anchored by the loyal seniors, had their season derailed by injuries. Despite making the playoffs, the season was widely regarded as a disappointment. They advanced just a couple of rounds before being knocked out by Walled Lake Central.

The team finished the season with a record of 5-5-2, which is yet another sound season. Unfortunately, senior captains Ben Vorce and Joey Asker were hurt and were both out the majority of the season. (Asker returned later in the season). These seniors had a good run, though, and nothing congratulations should be given to them for being a great addition to the Laker soccer team for their tenure here.

“It was great to play with my friends that I have been going to high school with,” said senior and captain Vorce, “it really helped me on and off the field.”