Shimmy Till the End

Seniors dance their way to graduation


Tryouts for pom pom season 2013-2014 started in August of 2013. Head coach of pom pons is Sally Unrath. The girls on the team dance at the pep rallies. These rallies are designed to get the student body excited about spirit weeks. Their dances and choice of music amaze many students. The members of the team are able to express themselves to the student body through dance. For many people, this activity is an outlet, and a way to show the emotions through song and movement. Members of the pom pom team include Courtney Kamen, Lindsay Abrahams, Angelique Bush, and Eriel Emmer.

Without the dancers on the pom pons team, there would be less school spirit. At every pep rally, they share their skills to get students excited about upcoming events involving the high school. Their enthusiastic routines fuels students’ school spirit. Reilly Card, sophomore, said, “The poms team is very talented. They are clearly very dedicated and it is visible that they practice a lot. I always look forward to their performances at pep assemblies.”