Seniors Say

Advice from the Class of 2014

Seniors Say

Advice for every future class from the class of f 2014

“School is cool. Make sure you go to school.” ”

— Chris Jackson

“Develop study skills.””

— James Hu

“Manage your time wisely and get involved in as many activities as possible. Also, be kind to everyone.””

— Sarah Abunada

“Better safe than sorry and haste makes waste.”- Ross Bahro

“Join the swim team.”- Tori Stark

“Be dilligent, dedicated, and strive for excellence.”- Hope Jefferson

“Don’t slack off, study any time that you get, take all of your classes seriously, and get involved.”- Timothy Bailey

“Don’t get on a teacher’s bad side, you’ll stay there.”- Chris Watkins

“Take everything seriously.”- Marcus Brooks

“Be a teacher’s pet.”- Melvia Wrack

“Do you.”- Olivia Sax

“Learn the ins and outs of the attendance policy.”- Mercedes Gillard

“Bond with the security guards.”- Courtney Kamen

“Organize and manage your time. Whether it be applying for college or just spending time with your friends before you part ways in the fall, senior year is going to fly by, so make the most of  the time you’ve got. Also, the senior 15 is a real thing.”- Chloe Pan