Making a Splash

The boy's swim and dive team leaves WBHS with their favorite accomplishments and memories of this season


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West Bloomfield High School’s swim team is one of the school’s most challenging teams to succeed in due to the enormous time commitment and physical strain that the club requires. A select few choose to “test the waters” and join the club. They demonstrate devotion to their sport as they regularly participate in morning practices before school even starts One of these dedicated swimmers is West Bloomfield High School senior, Pete Forhan. Spectrum got the opportunity to interview Forhan. In terms of wins to losses over the season, Forhan says that the team managed to rack up an impressive 6 and 2 final score as well as landing second place at the league meet. “We did pretty well,” he said when asked about the subject. We asked Forhan what he learned in swim that helps him outside of the team’s activities. He said, “It’s taught me discipline cause it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It taught me to wake up early in the morning and just go with it because we have to do that a lot too. It also taught me that everything is easy compared to swimming so I don’t really have to worry about anything again. I also made some great friends during the season.” Overall, Forhan’s favorite swim-related moment during senior year was, “Definitely the state competition. We all get to go and stay in a hotel room and stay up and party. So I guess it’s any time that we’re not actually swimming.”

The swim team’s everlasting dedication to their sport makes them not only one of the most hard working teams that our school has to offer, but also has shown progress since previous seasons making it a lasting investment for the school and students alike. Seniors in Boy’s Swim and Dive include Pete Forhan, Kevin Doherty, Kellin Boyd, Joshua Greer, Nick Basel, Alex Birkinsha, and Brent Klassen.




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