Lady Lakers

Saying Goodbye to Lady Lakers!


The girls’ varsity basketball team continued to show they are just as good as the boys throughout the whole year. With events such as trying to make it to Championships and the games between West Bloomfield High School and other popular high school teams, this season was very exciting for the girls. When asked “What was the climax of this season?” Coach Kilpatrick responds by saying “We had a meeting and in that meeting we talked about wanting to achieve our goal of making it to championships. We won the 1st game in districts but unfortunately didn’t win the championship because we lost the game in overtime. All in all the girls played very well all year long and I had a good time with them.” The seniors on the team consist of Lexi Corke, Tiffany Green, Kasey Brown, Kanar Topouzian, Kalin Gasso, Megan Russell, Dominique Wynns, and Bret Benge. Congratulations, Lady Lakers!