I Wish I Would Have…

I Wish I Would Have...

Everyone is in high school for four years. Four years seems like a lot of time but once you are actually in it, the four years fly by. With all the opportunities offered at WBHS, it becomes difficult to find time to do all of the things you want to do while in high school. These seniors reflect on their four years and what they wish they would have done during that time:

Be a good student and actually do what I was supposed to do in ninth grade”

— Clark Dillon

I would’ve played more sports”

— Starr Walker

I probably should not have quit volleyball”

— Claudia Kassouf

Something I would have done differently would be to get more involved in after school activities and sports. Also, I would have focused on being more social with the group of friends I had”

— Angelica Mikhail

Academically I wish I would have tried harder freshman year and grasped the concept that homework and in-class assignments are needed to use as fall back points when you don’t do well on a big test or project”

— Tiffany Shamoun

If I could go back I would definitely be more involved in school clubs and run for positions on the class council. I would also participate in more sports”

— Sarah Abunada


— Adam Motely

Throw a concert with Big Sean”

— Amari Rose