Play Through, Lakers!

Swinging to success


This season for the West Bloomfield High School golf team has been challenging.  The boy’s golf team has played five matches and four tournaments.  The coach, Mr. Thomas Keegan, teacher at West Bloomfield High School, loves the game.  There are four seniors on the varsity golf team:  Joey Boruta, Joey Borland, Rudy Borland, and Noah Huda.  Keegan describes golf as, “an individual sport set in a team setting.”  The players support each other.  Keegan keeps the teams’ spirits up by having them focus on hitting the shots that they have the ability to shoot hole by hole.  Keegan is sad to see these seniors leave because he has “watched them progress in their game.”  Keegan coaches these young men not only for the game of golf but also to improve on other aspects of their lives.

The golfers all say they will miss the game and their coach.  Golf has impacted them in many different areas of their lives.  “It helps me learn how to deal with people, even when they are being frustrating,” says Joey Borland.  Borland plans on going to Michigan State University and to major in business.  The relationships made with the team members will never be forgotten as  Boruta states, “I have a great relationship with the Borland twins and will miss them when the season is over.”  Boruta plans on going to Central Michigan University for business.