Ready for the Deep End

Congratulations to seniors in swim and dive


This year’s seniors from women’s swim and dive fought to win with sweat and tears. Lakers on women’s swim and dive team grew immensely, both  physically and emotionally. Mr. Crosby, coach,  helped these girls become the best they could be. The seniors on the women’s swim and dive are:  Emily Edwards, Sarah Harnish, Lindsey Lampear, Tori Stark, Ashley Ruhdy, Carly Snyder, Crystal Kim and Kristen Maxie. All seniors on the team plan on attending  college for the fall semester. When reflecting on how swim and dive has affected her life, Emily Edwards says, “I learned how to manage time and keep determination. I have become dedicated to the team and I love the coach.”   Another swimmer, Lindsy Lampear reflects, “It has made me stronger, confident and built up my character. I also made friendships that will last a lifetime.” Crosby coached the team to take skills from the pool to real life. “Swim helped me get good grades, it caused motivation. I made lots of friends and became a social person,” says Ashley Rhudy. Going into the future Crosby is sure that the senior girls on the tennis team will thrive.