Game Set for Lakers 2014!

Keep on trying and working till you get there.


The West Bloomfield Girls Tennis team has four seniors. They are Olivia Chang, Tori Stark, Hannah Shink and Emily Korot.  These girls have worked hard throughout the season improving their skills on the court as well as in other areas of their lives.   Stark explains how difficult having four different coaches was throughout her high school tennis career.  She also realizes, “how fun and competitive the whole thing was” for her.  Shink says, “It helped me learn to be a good teammate, I helped support the team and I plan to play club Tennis in college.” Korot plans on also taking her tennis game to college. She will be attending the University of Michigan and she will be playing club tennis. Korort reflects on her experience with high school tennis, “I learned how to be a leader and a captain, taking care of my girls.”  The game of tennis has built up these girls and taught them more about teambuilding and being successful.