X + Y = 2014 Success!

Math Club Senior Prepares to Move Ahead on the Number Line


Math club at west Bloomfield High School is not your stereotypical math club. The club is run by WBHS teacher Mr. Debbaudt, “ It is a great way for students to become interested in math and have fun, without the textbooks,”  says Mr. Debbaudt.   Math club offers a relaxing setting to learn. The advisor can also make all the difference in the world. The students in math club collectively say, “Mr. Debbaudt is a pretty cool guy who really knows his stuff.” The club has 17 members and one senior.

Senior Colin Nancarrow loves math club. “Once a month I go to math club, I meet with friends and work on difficult math and physics problems among likeminded individuals,”  Nancarrow says as he takes a break from his physics homework. Nancarrow feels prepared for the future because  math club helps him work collaboratively with others on the subjects of math and physics.