Saying Goodbye to Susan Cole

West Bloomfield High School says goodbye to retiring teacher, Mrs. Cole.

Everyone has that one teacher who she loves and cares about, but always seems to forget that one day their career will come to an end. This year, that teacher for many students is Mrs. Susan Cole. Mrs. Cole has been with our district for 14 years and she notes in an interview with Spectrum that she has also taught elsewhere during her teaching career, “This is my 14th year at WBHS. I previously taught in the Detroit Public Schools and the Mt. Clemens Community Schools.” Mrs. Cole currently teaches classes such as Resource Room Reading, Economics, and Algebra.  Looking back with Spectrum on her time here at West Bloomfield High School, Mrs. Cole detailed how her work in the school has changed her life outside of the building, “Working at WBHS has given me the chance to make many new friends. The members of my department are all terrific people and I enjoy the social activities we have outside of the school day. I know that the friends I have made at WBHS will always be special to me.”  Her favorite event to see at the school during her time here has been watching the school incorporate more technology into its everyday practices, “The technological changes that have happened at WBHS in the past 14 years have been amazing. I am glad to have been part of WB’s technological ‘coming of age.” Now, every teacher hopes to leave some kind of legacy when they decide to retire, and Mrs. Cole is no exception. It is always bittersweet to say goodbye; Mrs. Cole says that the legacy she would like to leave here at WBHS is as follows, “I hope my legacy to be that many special education students were able to find success, especially with Algebra. I hope I played a small part in their future academic success.” As Spectrum, as well as the school’s students and faculty say goodbye to Mrs. Cole, they undoubtedly hope that she enjoys her well-earned retirement and also hope that she knows that she will not be forgotten.