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One of the highlights of going to school is exploring fashion. At a school with free dress, the options are almost unlimited. One of the greatest forms of expression is fashion. Fashion  is about dressing for yourself in what makes you happy and feel good. This school year kicks off with fall trends, and dressing to accommodate those cool days that lead to winter. Many styles and trends that are huge for fall focus  around warm fall colors, like military green, vibrant oranges, rustic reds and navy blue. Over-sized sweaters, flannels, pea coats , trenches, skirts and cardigans all represent fall. To hone fall fashion, accessories are key; thigh highs, chunky scarves, jewelry, and hats can accompany any outfit. Fall styling personifies layering and dressing for the changing weather. Some great fabrics that are fit for fall include leathers, wool, flannels, velvet, hounds-tooth and denim. Prime fall articles include booties, riding boots, wearing shorts over tights, messenger bags, berets, and beanies.  

Amyl Patterson 10th grade

Amyl Patterson 10th grade

Fall is all about dressing stylishly cozy for the season and accessorizing. At West Bloomfield High School Spectrum asked, how do you define your style? What is your take on fall fashion? Where do you like to shop? Tenth grader Amyl Patterson said “Fashion is a great way for people to express themselves and it’s fun to come up with new outfits.” Fall is her favorite season and her essential pieces of this time of year are scarves, boots, and sweaters. Ninth grader Shayla Salisbury, defines her style as, “A little glam, a little girly.” This season, do not be afraid of variety, fashion is all about experimentation and trying new things. Freshman Katie Rockett, enjoys shopping at Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 for all her back to school vitals. While shopping locally is great hands on fashion, an additional aspect of the fashion world exhibits haute and courtier fashions. Many fashionistas look to the major style industries for inspiration on their fall and seasonal looks. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) that just previously occurred is a keen spot to see the many new styles for the year. A few styles that are being rocked and adapted are street looks such as hipster, preppy, vintage, sophisticated, boho chic,and sporty.  


Shayla S 9th grade


Riley Card, 11th grade

At West Bloomfield High School there are both stylish young men and women. Spectrum interviewed a few stylishly inclined young men and asked how they defined their style, and asked, What does fall fashion mean to you? Tenth grader Ra’ed Swani said his style can be described as “ preppy, unique, and individual,” consisting of button ups, hoodies,  sweaters, and jeans. Tenth grader Elie Huez said, “Fall is the best, it’s all about sweater weather.” Huez said his style can be described as dressed to impress, classy, and put together, overall “ not too crazy.”  

Elie Huez, 10th grade

Elie Huez, 10th grade

Both teachers and students at West Bloomfield high school express their sense of fashion. In talking to teachers, Spectrum was able to gain insight to the fashion world but from a different perspective. We asked, What is your opinion on fall fashion? How has fashion changed? English and french teacher Mrs. Lorig Coe stated,” I go neutral, black, browns and a pop of color. Not too many accessories just simple things like a bracelet or necklace. I feel like now there is a mix of clothing. But things are different like what you guys call skinny jeans were once called taper jeans.”

Ra'ed Swani, 10th grade

Ra’ed Swani, 10th grade

When looking at fall styles and fashion as a whole, personality is pivotal; what makes any outfit or look is the individual styling it. Fashion can be simply defined as embracing your inner style through amazingly crafted clothes and producing outfits that represent you. And remember, the best accessory is always a smile! (Featured image: Jianella Macalino )

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