With School Comes Scaredy Cats

Sleeping is the least of their worries.


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What Scares You Most?


Homework. Tests. Napping basically everywhere. These are things that high school students ‘ rely on to at least have an eventful school year. Here at West Bloomfield High School (WBHS), students are tested with late nights of homework, challenging courses, and actually finding what room their class is in. After doing a poll with each class, WBHS students reveal what drives them on edge when starting the school year.

Using the school bathroom. That’s why I’m not gonna use it.”

— Ryan Horowitz,'18

Getting to class ontime.”

— Carly Kallen,'18

Bad grades.”

— Katie Rocket,'18

Not sleeping.”

— Mia Dronchi,'17

Managing sports and school.”

— Maddi Ruiter,'17

Time management.”

— Sarah Rasmussen,'17

Maintaining a 4.0.”

— Lily Barash,'16

Keeping my grades up.”

— Sarah Shores,'16

The ACT.”

— Seth Pufahl,'16

Keeping a good GPA.”

— Becca Ross,'16

I don’t even know.”

— Alex Kaufman,'16

The fear of being lonely.”

— Laith Faraj


Starting Adulthood.”

— Max Foster,'15

Not taking a hundered pictures with my horse, and what lies for me after high school.”

— Brooke Bain,'15




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