Thick Fog

Photo credit to Aristotle Taylor

Photo credit to Aristotle Taylor

As I watch you walk away

I’m only filled with sorrow

Upset you went astray

Hope it’ll be better tomorrow

Are you satisfied?

Is this what you wanted?

For me to find out you lied?

For me to still be taunted?

Does it mean a thing to you?

All the time we spent?

All the things we’ve been through?

These things I have left to vent

I was always there for you

We went through thick and thin

But what am I supposed to do?

I don’t know where to begin

I have to start over now

You’ve left me all alone

But forget you, how?

My desperation has grown.

So I guess you’re satisfied

This must have been what you wanted

Yeah, I found out you lied

And every day I am taunted.