Home Sweet Home

West Bloomfield High School football team makes their first home game a win!


Last Friday, September 5th, 2014, West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Varsity Football team made their first home game of the season a successful win against Troy High School. Navon Mosely, junior at WBHS, made the first touchdown of the game. This touchdown started the unwavering fire that allowed WBHS to make the game a blowout. Unfortunately, the weather prevented the team to continue playing Troy on Friday. With three minutes left in the 1st quarter, every one was ordered to clear the field and stands due to a lightning sighting.

Eddy Wilson, senior at WBHS said, “I was disappointed that we couldn’t finish the game. We were up by thirteen, but the weather did not change our enthusiasm.” Wilson was right;  the weather did not change the team’s enthusiasm at all. When the game continued on Saturday, September 6th, 2014, WBHS beat Troy with a blowout score of 41-0. With the help of leading tacklers Eddy Wilson, Jordan Swanigan, and Justin Clark, as well as leading scorers Michael King and Trishton Jackson the Lakers triumphed.

Middle Linebacker, Jordan Swanigan, junior at WBHS, states, “I think I played well. I think my performance was good, it was a great game overall.” Since it is the start of the season, each player on the WBHS team has a goal in mind, including Coach Ronald Bellamy. Coach Bellamy’s goal for the season is to “ have a very competitive and fun season and it make to the playoffs.” Wide receiver, Michael King, senior at WBHS, is no different. His goal is to, “change the whole program, [and] to go to the playoffs.”

The first step to a good game is preparation. Trishton Jackson, quarterback and junior at WBHS, likes to, “listen to music, think of good things, [and] pray.”  Also, Swanigan adds that being prepared for a game helps you win, “because if you know what to do, it makes it [the game] fun.” Clarkston High School (CHS) is on the clock. CHS is the returning state champions and for years, CHS has had victories over WBHS. But it is time for a change. Wilson believes that having, “a good week of practice, study plays, and play hard” will lead them to victory on Friday, September 12th, 2014. So make us proud, good luck Lakers!