A Fun Night for Everyone

The West Bloomfield community comes together at the high school for the fourth year in a row

A Fun Night for Everyone

On September 5th, 2014, West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) held its fourth annual family fun night in the atrium, courtyard, and gymnasium of the school starting at 5 p.m. Family fun night entailed [b]a night full of fun activities and informational booths that allowed the school, the district and the community alike to come together and learn about all the components that make up West Bloomfield Township.
Just by passing by WBHS on Orchard Lake Road, the night’s festivities were very apparent. Police cars and firetrucks were lined up in the front of the school as well as a huge bus where people could play video games with the screen built into the side of the bus.
Once inside, there were various booths set up for all types of organizations. The Army, Police Department, Fire Department, West Bloomfield Education Association and Defeat the Label were a few of the organizations that participated. Most of the children were focused on the obstacle courses sponsored by the National Guard and many other generous donors, and the stands were occupied by parents. The stands were filled with different organizations that specialize in benefiting and bettering our community, such as the Optimist Creed and Defeat the Label. These organizations are very important to our community. The optimist creed specializes in being strong and having peace in your life, looking at the brighter side of life all while speaking positivity into your life. Defeat the Label focuses on taking a stand against bullies in your school and neighborhood and promoting a bully-free society without social labels or stereotypes.

Students loved the upbeat music from the gymnasium and kids couldn’t wait to make their favorite teachers go for a swim in the dunk tank. Abbott middle school counselor Joanne Wegrzynowicz describes Family Fun night as a “sweaty good time.” Wegrznowicz goes on to say, “I love seeing everyone and seeing the people come out for this event.” From West Bloomfield high schools main administrator Dr. Gerald Hill said, “Family Fun night is a great way to get people into our school system and to honor the fire department, police department, and army.”

According to WBHS English and French teacher Lorig Coe, Family fun night “is a fun free event that brings the community together all wh

ile spotlighting the football game.” James Peef, Sheiko parent, brought his child to meet the new kids in the district and mingle with other parents.
Family fun night serves more than one purpose, as it brings us together and it also shines light on our tight knit community and according to Superintendent of Education Alesia Flye, “it gives us an opportunity to show some district pride.”



fun night 8
The gym was filled with various bouncy castles and obstacles courses for the kids to play on.
Seniors Jasmine Morigney, Lauren Gorny, Helene Deutch, and Jasmine Madoun
Seniors Jasmine Morigney, Lauren Gorny, Helene Deutch, and Jasmine Madoun
fun night 5
The army set up booths to give students information about joining the army
Junior Madison Orow,
Junior Madison Orow, Seniors Lindsey Davis and Mitchel Hotz, and Security guard Vait.