Got Kicks?

The Mighty West Bloomfield Soccer Team Battles Farmington High School


The West Bloomfield High School Varsity soccer team was back in action and tried to keep their momentum going. On Friday the twelfth of September the Lakers took on Farmington High School in a scintillating matchup in which the Lakers were favorited. Before the kickoff, we got a chance to talk to some of the members of the team. Skylar Jepsen, a junior, plays goalie on the Lakers. When he was asked how he thought his team is going to do throughout the season, he said “I think we are starting out pretty slow, but I know these guys, it’s a great group of guys, and I know we will get it together and have a strong season.”

But it was not a slow start in this matchup as both teams made fast breaks early in the match. Jepsen had to use his golden gloves to defend the goal as there were back to back attempts from both teams. Laker freshmen Rei Mizuno and Grant Jones led the team throughout the game but were both unable to convert.

The Lakers have a lot of talent and they have a promising future according to Jepsen. “We have a lot of talent up top, between Roberto Escalante and Joey Murzyn, we  have a lot of ways to threaten the opposing defense. We also are developing a very strong defense that is coming along with more and more experience, being young, it’s taken a few games to work the kinks out, but it’s really coming along.”

Along with a strong defense, the Lakers have a powerful offence which nearly missed a header that was inches off the goal. They had their chances to make the game very interesting. With 6:30 left on the clock, the Lakers kicked a shot in which many thought was going to be the game defying moment but it was pushed off by Farmington’s goalkeeper. As the match grew on, the crowd got more involved and supported the Lakers all throughout. But after a masterful showing of scrapes, digs, kicks and saves, the match score was the same before it started, at 0-0.


Nash Talia OO GK 11
Skylar Jeppesen 1 GK 11
Grant Gloceri 3 M 10
Iku Shimada 4 D 12
James Fogel 5 M 12
Grant Jones 6 M 9
Jarrell Ku 7 M 12
Kyohei Endo 8 M 12
Joey Murzyn 9 M 11
Roberto Escalante 10 F 12
Ameen Debryn 11 M 11
Brendan Gimby 12 D 12
Torrey Vannostrand 13 F 11
Saif Hadi 14 F 12
Rami Kadi 15 M 12
Cameron Dickinson 16 D 11
Rei Mizuno 17 M 9
Robbie Reid 19 D 11
Jack Reed 21 M 11
Noah Loveless 22 F 11