Fun at the Activities Fair

The Activities Fair gave students many opportunities to join a variety of clubs and activities.

This is the Law Clubs informational poster

This is the Law Club’s informational poster

West Bloomfield High School had an Activities Fair on Monday, September 15th during lunch for students interested in joining clubs and other activities. The Activities Fair gave students an opportunity to learn more about clubs they were interested in, and also gave them an opportunity to find out about new clubs they didn’t know about before. Many different clubs and activities had different booths set up with information on how to join, and when meetings were held. Read on to find out more about the clubs and activities available to join at West Bloomfield High School!


Upstander is a club that teaches students how to stop bullying, before it even starts. Instead of being a bystander, members are encouraged to be “upstanders,” and make a change when they witness an act of bullying, rudeness or unfairness. Upstander trains students to create change in their school, and larger. By joining Upstander, students will get a chance to make a change in their community to make it a place where all members are valued and differences are celebrated. Upstander involves two meetings a month during the school day for an hour, and for more information see the Ms. Marlowe B’sheart the advisor of Upstander, in room 610 or email her at [email protected]

Kathleen Sullivan, Upstander Volunteer
Kathleen Sullivan, Upstander Facilitator

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an academic club in which students examine the deliberations of the United Nations at conferences with students all around the state. West Bloomfield High School’s Model United Nations club plans to attend four conferences, where students can participate in activities that all resemble a real United Nations conference. This club meets every Monday after school until 3:15, and the advisor is Ms. Carrie Nobis. For more information, plan to attend their first meeting on Monday, September 22 from 2:05 to 3:15 in room 623.


West Bloomfield High School’s EARTH Club was started in 1993 to create and promote environmental awareness and preserving the planet. EARTH club has installed a large turbine solar panel, and has the largest solar tracking array of any school in Michigan. The EARTH club meets bi-weekly, on thursdays after school in room 501. EARTH stands for Environmentally Aware, Ready to Help, and for more information, check out their facebook page called WBHS Earth Club.  Mr Joshua Barclay is the advisor of Earth Club; it meets every other Thursday in room 501.

Law Club/Teen Court

The Law Club is a club that teaches WBHS students about the government through Teen Court, where students get to participate in the judicial system and learn about the law. This club is  a great opportunity  for those who want to be future lawyers and politicians. They will have their first full club meeting Thursday, September 18th at 2:15PM in room 206, where those interested can meet the executive board and find out what is planned for the year.  Meetings are usually an hour long, in advisor Ms Alycia Chase’s room, room 206; the next meeting is Ocotber 02, 2014 from 2:15 to 3:45.

Art Club

The Art club is a club that allows students to express themselves and to learn new Art techniques. Added to students working on cool projects, there are field trip opportunities including a field trip for glass blowing. They meet every Tuesday after school in advisor Ms. Molly Marshall’s room 102.

African-American Awareness (AAA)

AAA is a club that promotes the education of political and social awareness. Contrary to popular belief AAA is open to all students, and challenges students to think outside their preconceptions of others. AAA is very involved with the community, they run various charity drives and invite community leaders to speak at meetings. They meet every other Thursday, in room 212 and meetings usually last an hour right after school. Mr. Joshua Johnson is the adviser.

Drama Club

Every year the Theatre Department stages five unique student productions; A fall production, A children’s show, MIFA One-Act performance, Film Festival, and a Spring Musical. There are also new opportunities for students to perform through events such as Theatre Week or Forensics. Meetings normally depend on the production. For Fall show, students meet up every day after school for six weeks and a Saturday “Starving Artist” dress rehearsal. Children’s show is a two week rehearsal schedule; taken place during one school day and one day during the weekend. Students for the Spring Musical also meet every day after school with a Saturday “Starving Artist” dress rehearsal for 8 weeks. If you are interested in more information about the Drama Club, you can visit their website at, and also please contact Mr. Micah Greene at [email protected] or in room 421.

Laker Express

Laker Express is an a cappella group/club that involves singing intricate pieces of music, performing for the school or at an alluring venue, competing in competitions, and reading music. Students not only represent the school, but they spread school spirit and work as a team to do so. Laker Express meets bi-daily in class, and works outside of class on the music they were assigned.  If singing eccentric pieces of music are you thing, then contact Ms. Sheryl Hauk at [email protected] or in room 466.