Bringing the Glory Home

Homecoming game gets “the Swamp” pumped.


“The Swamp” was hyped for the homecoming game.

On Friday September 19, the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Lakers crushed Troy Athens 45-3. From an offensive standpoint, the Lakers were on the ball. Their defense was clicking as well. The Lakers got off to a shaky start, with a turnover and a punt deflected. They were losing 3-0 after Troy kicked a field goal. Suddenly, the Laker’s offense started working, and the score quickly changed from 3-0 to 21-3. At the end of the first half, Ian Goan, a freshman at WBHS said, “We’re slaughtering them.” Troy turned over the ball many times. The second half of the game was a little bit slower, but Troy did not score. The game ended with a high spirit spread throughout WBHS, and a raid on the football field.

Nora Sharba, a freshman at WBHS said, “It is very spirited and fun.” All West Bloomfield and Troy fans were excited to attend the game. Mrs. Antoinette Morton, Abbott Middle School’s Assistant Principle Secretary, said, “I am a proud WBHS mom, and I love football. I am very optimistic that we are going to win tonight.” Fans of West Bloomfield also commented on the overall homecoming week. Kevin Bland said, “It’s a great experience.” The West Bloomfield Homecoming game was a  success.

This year’s homecoming was packed with people from all over the county. Many visitors from other cities came out to watch the Lakers play. “This homecoming was by far the most packed we have ever seen,” said Ms. Ashleigh Ruggero, Civics and Leadership teacher at WBHS. The night was full of spirit and was a success for WBHS.