Lakers Serve Up Skills

West Bloomfield Tennis Team Fights Hard Against Bloomfield Hills High School In a Close Match


On September 23rd, the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) tennis team took on Bloomfield Hills High School (BHHS) for one of the few remaining matches of the fall season. The players were anxious to go against the BHHS tennis team, one of the top ten teams in the state. Before the meet, the players were getting ready for the match and were open to discussing how they felt going into today.

Mark Gladshtegn, a senior at WBHS said, “Yeah, we feel confident going into today’s matches.”

Gladshtegn also talked about the improvements from the beginning of the year. He said, “Everything all around has improved. The team’s skills, our techniques, and our mindset before and during the matches.” After warmups, David Filanowsky, a junior on the varsity team talked about the team’s improvements this year. “Overall we’ve improved as a team playing, we play over the season and play a lot of matches so the more you play the better you get.” Filanowsky said, “I’m nervous, as always, but you gotta get through it. I’m confident, ready, we’ll see what happens,” prior to the match.

Over the fall, the players on the team have gotten closer to each other and have gotten comfortable as a tightly knit group. Nikhil Sunduram, senior proved this when he explained how the team has become closer. “I guess we just got to know each other better, our team mechanics have improved, and the skills as a team have improved, too.”

The team fought hard, but unfortunately lost to the BHHS tennis team. The team has a few meets left this season. Here are the dates and times:

September 30th OAA Tournament @ Troy High School TBD

October 1st @ Cranbrook Kingswood High School 4:00 pm



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Head Coach: Larry Stark

Assistant Coach: Joe James

First Last Position 1 Year
Daniel Eilender 1s 12
Gabe Villa 2s 12
David Filanowsky 3s 11
Rishabh Parekh 4s 9
Jonothan Nirenberg 1d 12
Max Singer 1d 12
Alec Sandberg 2d 11
Rupin Balabhadra 2d 12
Josh Janklovetiz 3d 12
Eli Ravid 3d 12
Anthony Chen 4d 12
Mark Gladshtegn 4d 12
NIkhil Sundaram 5d 12