The Parent Teacher Meeting

Where the Parents become Students once again…


The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) had its first meeting on September 16th, 2014. It was a great chance for the parents and guardians  to meet WBHS staff and to see how to get involved with the community. After having an informal meet and greet, the PTO members discussed school improvement ideas. They also discussed School No Fuss Fundraiser which is a fundraiser that the school has every year to raise money. They ask all of the families for a donation up to $25. The school staff was introduced and they explained the school policies to the parents and guardians. One of the parents, Shoshana Rubenstein said “I love to learn about what activities and events are happening throughout the school, I have been volunteering with the schools ever since my kids were little. It is important for me to know what is going on with activities around the school.”   Some of the parents had come to a PTO meeting for their first time and said it was important for them to know how to get involved so they could make the entire high school experience more enjoyable. Coming to these meetings informs parents about the school so they, along with the students, can achieve their goals and make the school more successful. Sandy Maybodi , a WBHS parent said, “The PTO meetings give a lot of good information about what is going on in the school.”  These meetings also let parents and guardians meet other parents and create new friendships.

All PTO Parent Forums will be held on MONDAY’s in 2014-2015, 7:15 pm-8:45 pm in the WBHS Media Center. Everyone is welcome to attend. There are no PTO dues.