As I walk past the death
I am shadowed by life
Sparkling little stars springing from the Earth
What is this life?

By the graves the watery leave flowers
Like the clipped wings of an angel laid to rot
Am I the angel, am I the flower
If I eat this will my teeth rot?

You’re not here
I love you so much it hurts my head
I can’t hear you any longer
Why is my heart inside my head?

It hurts to know you’re drying
In your coffin, you can’t remember me
You were never much for plated gold
Should I wear the necklace you gave me?

I give you flowers anyway
The petals are my eyelids you told me not to touch
Do not dry your eyes my dear
But if I drown can I touch?

I am talking to a stone now
You’d be happy, it’s a work of art
We are talking to a corpse now
Are we sick or is this art?



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