Playing their way to the top!

The Sweet Sound of WBHS’ Orchestra


Linda Trotter is the West Bloomfield High School(WBHS) Orchestra Teacher. She teaches two Orchestra classes at WBHS, and other Orchestra classes at Orchard Lake Middle School (OLMS). Orchestra is a musical art class that allows student to play a variety of instruments, perform concerts for a live audience, and travel across the country to compete with other schools.

“I love Orchestra! We get to play hit songs like Happy! My least favorite part of Orchestra is trying to learn new scales.I look forward to performing at the PRISM Concert, Orchestra is really fun, and you really do become a family with your group,” said Kira Sivak, WBHS Sophomore. Kira has been apart of orchestra for two years now, and is hoping to continue through with it throughout the rest of high school.

(Hannah McCabe- Right and Niha Khan- Left)


“I like how amazing the entire class sounds(together)when we all play a song right.There is a lot of things that I like about orchestra. There isn’t really a downside to it. I look forward to participating in competitions and hopefully moving on to the higher orchestra next year, ” said Niha Khan ,WBHS Sophomore. Moving chairs is a big accomplishment for many aspiring musicians, because it proves that their hard work and practice is paying off.



(Hannah Mccabe-Right, Alexis Chism-Left)



(Hannah Mccabe)

“I like to play music and learn new things with my cello, and that’s why I’m doing Orchestra… look forward to being able to play more challenging music, and overall its a good class that I recommend people to join,” said Kaela Jibson, WBHS Sophomore. Kaela has been playing cello for four years and cannot wait to be part of the PRISM concert, along with playing more challenging music.


.Trotter recognizes the improvement of all of her student, and shows it by moving them up in their seat placement. She encourages everyone to try out Orchestra even if you cannot play. Ms.Trotter believes that she can teach any student how to play to the best of their ability; if you are  last chair she can make you first.

“ I encourage everyone to join Orchestra its a great way to meet new people, and express yourself. It is also a great class to relax and the teacher is amazing! Don’t think twice about Joining Orchestra, Just do it!” said Sivak .