Night In Paradise

This years WBHS Homecoming went off without a hitch.

Night In Paradise


If one were to say that the homecoming dance that West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) hosted this year was fun, it would be an understatement. On September 20th, 2014 WBHS put on one of the best homecoming dances ever. The leadership class’s hard work made this year’s homecoming an unforgettable night. Homecoming was definitely early this year, and students had mixed feelings about the date.

Some students enjoyed it being at the beginning of the year as a way to start a new school year off with a night of fun with friends, Adam Ben-Moche, a freshman at WBHS shared, “It was tons of fun to meet new people early in the year that I didn’t know before.” Students felt that it was a good way to have a night of fun to kick off the year with the peers they will be around for the next year. Other students, however, felt like homecoming had come at an awkward time in the year, Jonathan Jackson a Sophomore at WBHS felt “a little rushed to get a date, make plans and balance a new school year.” In the end, the timing of the dance did not make a difference. It was an amazing night for everyone involved.

This year homecoming took students away on a journey to a far away paradise. The leadership class did an amazing job transforming WBHS into an island getaway atmosphere. Mario Kakos, a junior at WBHS said, “This year, homecoming was the best one I’ve been to yet! I felt it was very well organized and the decorations made you forget you were at school.”

Most students can agree; this year they feel WBHS has a great amount of spirit. Homecoming spirit week had a tremendous amount of participation and it did great job getting West Bloomfield High School ready for an eventful and busy week. Emma Coste, a sophomore at WBHS said “Homecoming was really a great night to be a Laker, we showed off our school and got the WBHS students excited for the new school year!” An early homecoming might have intimidated some at first, but it definitely turned out to be a night to remember.