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                The Guardians of the Galaxy

        On August 1st, the movie Guardians of the Galaxy entered theaters. The movie starred actors Chris Pratt (Peter Quill or Starlord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Vin Diesel (Groot), Bradley Cooper (Rocket), and Dave Batista (Drax The Destroyer). The stars play a group of misfits from outer space searching for a way  to defeat the powerful alien dictator Ronan, who plans to overtake and destroy the universe. Guardians of the Galaxy contains limitless adventure, romance, comedy and fun for anyone. This must see movie can make you cry, laugh, and leaves you wanting more. Guardians of the Galaxy quickly became one of the number one movies in America and a Marvel classic.


The Maze Runner

        The Maze Runner, released on September 19th 2014,  based on the best selling novel The Maze Runner written by James Dashner. The Maze Runner stars Dylan Obrien who plays the leading character, Thomas. Thomas finds himself trapped in an unknown location with several other teenage boys that lived there long before him. The boys are contained behind large barriers that become gateways to the inescapable maze. The maze houses many creatures that await anyone that dare go inside, along with obstacles and changing paths that create the colossal labyrinth. Before Thomas joined the group of teens in the maze, no known way existed to get out of the maze, but Thomas believes he knows the way out. The group goes on an adventure to find the pathway out that will get them all home, the action packed movie The Maze Runner holds suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.


The Giver

        The Giver, a movie based on the award winning novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, moved into theaters on August 15th 2014. The story follows a teenage boy named Jonas who lives in a Utopian society where colors are not seen, pain not felt, and everyone finds themselves content with their lives. Everything seems completely normal until elders elected Jonas as the new Receiver, a job in which he will receive information about the secrets of the old world. When Jonas discovers what really happened to the society he lives in, he tries to overthrow the Elders and get everything back to normal. The Giver, a mind thriller filled with mystery, leaves anyone wanting to know what else happens in the end. The Giver is a movie that could be watched over and over again with a well written script and something everyone should see.


Big Hero Six

     Big Hero Six went into theaters on November 7th 2014. A young teenage boy by the name of Hiro specializes in making advanced engineered robots. He uses his talent to win in illegal robot fights, but his older brother Tadashi tells Hiro to use his talent to his advantage and introduces him to the world of college. Later on after Hiro discovers his new home at the college a fire starts on campus, causing his life to go up in smoke. Hiro knows that someone caused the fire to happen on purpose, but without any evidence he struggles to figure out a plan.Everything seems impossible for Hiro, until he discovers Tadashi’s robot invention Baymax. With a little help from Baymax, and Hiro’s college friend, he creates the ultimate high-tech super hero squad, on the adventure to find who started the fire at his campus.