The Kick of Victory

The Boys Varsity Soccer team had a great final game of the season, rising to the top as an astounding team.

Sarah Durack

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The Kick of Victory

In their season’s final game, the West Bloomfield Lakers Boys Varsity soccer team had an astounding win. They played at Groves high school, Thursday October 9th, with stands full of screaming fans, the Lakers came to impress. It was a close game, which kept everyone on the edge of their seat. In the end, the Laker Boys pulled through with a score of WBHS 3, Groves 2. Head Coach Jason Clark commented it was “a great way to end the season.”

Perhaps the best part of this game, was not only that it was Groves senior night, but what a great way to end the season! The sweet taste of victory had never tasted so good. The team could never have won not only this game, but previous games without their amazing team spirit and exceptional technique. From the stands it was clear that the Lakers varsity soccer team is hard-working, dedicated, and works well together.  Freshman Varsity player Grant Jones says, “Everyone on the team are friends on and off the field, we work well together.” This year the Lakers have an exceptional soccer team which makes the boys a pretty tough contender out on the field.