The “Hardest” Year is Nothing to Worry About

Ways to De-stress from the Junior Year Myth

Students can be overwhelmed by the perceived myth of junior year – that this year of high school is the most stressful, the hardest, and the most competitive. Though there is more fact than fiction to this “myth,”  there is no need to stress and worry because there is a bright side. Senior Bailey Kadian states with a laugh  that it is better to understand that “it is a little bit of an exaggerated myth. First of all, if you overloaded on hard classes junior year, you most likely had a couple of hard classes your sophomore year, so you should be prepared.”

Studying for AP classes: Lana Floer (junior)
Studying for AP classes: Lana Floer (junior)

Another senior, Anushka Sarkar, adds that “if you maintain good relations with friends and family along with pushing yourself you’ll learn how to manage time better.” Remember, it is better to realize how to handle the work you have given yourself, than to over stress about the work load. Ashley Naftaly, a 2013 West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) graduate, advises that “the best way to relieve stress is to manage your time well from the very beginning. Everything is a lot easier if you don’t pile on everything at once.” Sarkar and Kadian both agree, but add that it is equally important to TAKE A BREAK! The most essential thing is to find a way to take care of yourself, have fun and just RELAX. “One day a week I would do something I wanted to do, like go to a local beach to hang with friends or spend time with family, because if you don’t take time out for yourself, you’ll go insane,” states  Sarkar.

Junior year also starts the rise of overachiever-ism in high schools and the pressure to be the best, but do not let that get to you. A senior, Jason Pauli, advises, “if you think you’re overachieving, you probably are, but you don’t need to kill yourself over homework. Be sure to enjoy high school because after high school is college and after college you just get to live life.” Naftaly adds stating “Just worry about yourself and how you are doing. It is very easy to compare yourself to others, but who cares?” School is about the education and the experience, more than it is about being the best student. Sarkar states that “nobody cares what you did in high school afterward. Do something because it matters to you, not because it gives you an award or a title.”

"Stress out" juniors: From Left to right: Dua Malik (junior), Arielle Davidson (junior), Liindsey Davis (junior), and Maxim Vinogradov (junior).
“Stress out” juniors: From Left to right: Dua Malik (junior), Arielle Davidson (junior), Liindsey Davis (junior), and Maxim Vinogradov (junior).

Junior year also has the ACT, SAT and MME which are very important tests, however anxiety is not necessary. Douglas Husic, a senior at WBHS, advises, “don’t stress out too much because you’ll have more opportunities to take it; look at the test in March as another practice.” Naftaly advises four tips: “1. Start preparing early 2. Go to a tutor 3. Take the test multiple times 4. Remember that standardized test are not an accurate representation of your intelligence.” Junior year is difficult but if you over analyze everything about the year the stress will overwhelm you.

Remind yourself to take a break.  For instance, start doing yoga, exercise, watch TV (but not too much), read a book, go for a walk, listen music and basically hang with friends and take time out for yourself. Kadian states “I love to exercise; it is my way of relieving all stress and getting my mind off of all my work.”



Tips to remember:

  1. Do not compare yourself to others
  2. Be prepared and stay organized
  3. Remember at the end of the day tests do not measure your intelligence
  4. Worry about you and only you, because that is the most important thing
  5. Do not forget to have fun in high school because that is where the memories will form


There are many ways to de-stress. Husic phrases it best: “go in with a positive mind set” and you will soar. Pauli adds laughing that “I mean I’m not dead, so that’s a good thing.” Junior year will give you opportunities to gain great experiences, so focus on that over anything else.



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