Color and Fun

Students of West Bloomfield High School lined up to have fun in a field of pink powder.


Student leadership and peer mentorship hosted the field day and color run, making it a specifically pink event through student t-shirts bought prior to the run, in order to raise donations for the breast cancer foundation. The event also held the purpose of uniting the classes of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS). Students became involved through peer mentorship and leadership, or were informed about it from seeing the posters advertising the run. Students became involved through peer mentorship and leadership, and some were excited about it from seeing the posters advertising the run. “We became involved through our classes, and we also saw the posters,” said sophomores Dana Korogodsky and Celine Foster.

When walking up to the event, students of WBHS  first checked in at a table manned by Miss Tyranski and Mr. Smith. After checking their name off of the list, students were directed to their designated class area. When the students of Spectrum walked from class to class, the excitement was almost tangible. The freshmen class reported that they were, “Super pumped up for the color run and ready to win field day.” The other classes equally shared in the youngest group’s anticipation.

The field day kicked off at 4:30 pm at the practice fields by the football field. Senior Jinaella Macalino explained field day by saying, “Each group will start at a station. You get points for each station and the class with the highest points win.” Field day activities consisted of various hoola hoop games, jumping rope, kicking soccer balls into a lacrosse goal, throwing balls into a basket, an egg tossed, and relay races. The final event was a game of tug-of-war which really encouraged a friendly competitive spirit among the classes. The seniors reigned as the champions of field day.

The color run followed field day. Students got in a line and ran around the practice field while student government and leadership threw packets of powder paint at them. Each student looked as if they just stepped out of a rainbow by the time that the initial run ended. For the last part of color run, students gathered in the center of the field to throw up one last explosion of paint. Each student had a cup of pink powder paint to represent the breast cancer cause and after a quick countdown and chant, the pink paint went everywhere. The events of field day and color run were followed by pizza and apples.

Spectrum asked Mrs. Danton a few clarifying questions in the end so everyone could know what color run and field day was for and who was throwing it. “The color run is about bringing the classes together in a fun, competitive way. Part of it is also a donation to the breast cancer foundation. Student leadership and peer mentors were the ones to organize the event.”

Everyone who participated in color run and field day had an amazing time. Junior Manny Araquil said that, “Tug-of-war was my favorite part.” While other students said that they really enjoyed the final explosion of paint at the end of color run. No matter who was asked, one thing was certain. Color run and field day was a ton of fun.

Students run through powder paint.
Students run through powder paint.