Rings’ N Things

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IMG_6988    The students of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) become engaged in a new exciting opportunity to create and sell their arts and crafts. Samantha Luken , grade 12, and Haley Miller, grade 12, have become a team in making, “Rings’ N Things.”  The two came up with the idea after realizing their art and craft skills.  Both are individuals that are involved in the art classes at WBHS.  They begin working together out of friendship.  The inspiration for the rings came from a college seminar that spoke of selling art.  Miller and Luken turned to each other and set out to do just that.   The two began selling their crafts the first week of October.  Students have responded generously to Miller and Luken’s crafts.  Students buy, talk and wear Miller and Luken. “I like rocks and making things with my hands,” Luken says.  She works hard at perfection and focuses on the little details.  “Crafting help clear my mind and create a peaceful atmosphere.”

Miller says, “there has been a really positive response. I was surprised that students would react so positively and energetically to Rings ‘N things.”  The sales from Rings ‘ N Things go to buying more materials to work with.  The stones on the jewelry are bought from a crystal shop, and all the stones in the jewelry are real.  Among many stones the most prominent are topaz, jasper, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, and blue quartz.   A featured stone in the jewelry is a Tigers Eye stone, which is said to help anxiety.  Miller states,” each of the stones mean something.”

The jewelry is a good way for students to get involved with other students. Luken’s and Miller’s mentor is WBHS art teacher, Mrs. Sandra Hoffman. Luken and Miller meet with Hoffman and learn new techniques to create more advanced jewelry.  Hoffman herself makes much more than jewelry and sells it.  Hoffman is eager to be helping Rings’ N Things succeed.  Another inspiration for Rings’ N Things is Renaissance art.  The raw materials and the wire wrapped style of jewelry is the style of Miller and Luken. “Mrs. Hoffman is a positive role model because shes always happy and excited to help us out.”   Luken said.


The girls, have started selling their rings for $3 a piece and are getting great participation and praise from peers and teachers.  Supporting the two is important because it is a perfect example of local creativity right in WBHS.  Among the other crafts that Miller and Luken are making are candles. These candles are made out of old glass bottles that the two have collected.   The candles are made of soy wax and are molded into different shapes. Luken and Miller also have created wire wrapped necklaces.  These necklaces are being sold for $10 each.  Bracelets are the newest invention that are being sold for $4.


 When asked about the future, Miller says, “ we want to make a shop when we are older.  We see crafts in our future and feel really good making things for people. The goal is create a crystal shop when we are older.  This is what I like doing now, I feel good at it and that it is important.  I don’t picture myself doing anything other than making things.”

IMG_1864  Art shows and markets are the next big thing for Rings’ N Things.  Luken and Miller to sell their art not only at WBHS but in Art Shows in Michigan.   The goal is to become larger and support themselves off their crafts.  Miller and Luken plan to attend Northern Michigan metal works program.  Also they aspire to sell their crafts in the upper peninsula, Marquette Michigan.  After college they hope to continue to create things together because they are such a fabulous team.  “Working together with a partner has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day we are still best friends,” said Luken as she wrapped a wire around a Tiger Eye stone.  Miller and Luken  plan to keep their lives intertwined and grow together.  Rings’ N Things has a long to way to go but customers say Luken and Miller are unique individuals with hearts of gold and minds of pure genius.