Victors of a Great Battle

West Bloomfield High School Football teams wins their last home game


Once again, we rise on top! West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) makes their last home game a great win against Bloomfield Hills High School (BHHS). The game titled “ Battle of the Bloomfield” took place Thursday, October 2, 2014. The Lakers finished the game with a 61-24 win! Many of the players including Garrett Winn, Navon Mosely, and Michael King all feel the performance of the team was pretty well. This now puts the record at 5-1.

During the game, there were many highlights that contributed to the win. Junior, Jordan Swanigan says, “ For me personally the highlight of the game was catching the interception for a touchdown, getting in some tackles, and celebrating the win with my team.” Throughout each game, the Lakers never fail to surprise us and show off their talents. Each time they touch the field, they are on fire to win! With this burning passion, it will lead us to the playoffs without a doubt. Garrett Winn, sophomore at WBHS believes that “ the playoffs are a very reachable goal.” We all believe the playoffs are in our hands!

This game was huge. Not only because it was the last home game, but for the seniors, it was their last game played on the home field. For many this was a sad yet thrilling time.–one that signifies the transition into a new chapter of one’s life. An intense game of  the Bloomfields was a great way to knock out the last home game. Overall the Lakers successfully attained a win. In talking to some of the seniors on the team, Spectrum was able to gain a sense of their feelings on the matter.

Seniors Eddy Wilson, and Jalen Lewis both said it felt good to play and win, but bittersweet. It has not fully sunk in that it was their last home game. Jalen Lewis said that “ Over the years I’ve learned to work hard on the off season” to better himself overall. One of his favorite memories of high school football was “ forming a brotherhood with the rest of his team.” One point, Eddy Wilson said that “although we acheived a win, I felt my performance as a defensive player was not the best, and we allowed the other team to score too many points (24)”. He also stated that his favorite memory was making the varsity team Sophomore year. We wish the best of luck to all Senior athlethes and their future. Congratulations on a successful season Lakers!