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WBHS Marching Band and Color Guard Worth Your While!


The West Bloomfield High School(WBHS) Marching went to Dayton,Ohio on the weekend of September 26-28, 2014 to compete. Their instructor Mr.Chad Mielens, put together and conducted several pieces and routines for the WBHS Marching band, as well as color guard. Color Guard  is a club including a group of uniformed school representatives who parade or present their institutions flag, usually during a ceremony or special event. Marching Band is a group consisting of instrumental musicians performing outdoors for the purpose of entertainment, exercise, and sometimes in competition. Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments.


“Marching Band is such a fun extra-curricular activity! You get to go on fun trips, Hang out with your friends, and overall just have a fun time! I did marching band For the past 2 or so years and I loved it! I also participated in Color Guard last year, but was unable to participate in it this year due to my hectic schedule. But if my schedule ever simmers down I would love to join it again. I’m currently in marching band and its really fun, I also take band so that helps a lot with my playing,” say Kara Gimby WBHS sophomore. Gimby enjoys marching band and being able to hang out with her friends.


“You do not need to have any musical talent, or musical practice to join marching band .I came into marching band knowing nothing, and now I’m really good. Students are always allowed to watch, and shadow the marching band and color guard groups. If you end up liking it then you can join , and trust me it will be worth the money because its super fun,” says Brandon Crawford WBHS Sophomore.  Students interested in Marching Band and or Color Guard can shadow both clubs, and decide if they are a good fit. To join marching band you do not need to know how to play an instrument, it will be taught during the club lessons. Color Guard is a great club to join if you are interested in dancing, and choreography.  Color Guard does not require any dancing abilities and will be taught in class along with flag twirling.


Mr. Chad Mielens is the Director of Bands at West Bloomfield High School. Mr. Mielens also teaches the 7th & 8th grade bands at Abbott Middle School. In this position, Mr. Mielens works closely with all aspects of the district’s band program including the WB Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, as well as the concert ensembles at WBHS and AMS. For more information regarding  Color Guard, Band, or Marching band, please contact Mr. Chad Mielens at the information provided below.

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Mailing Address:

Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield

4925 Orchard Lake Road

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