WBHS The Swamp!

West Bloomfield High School’s Student Section Spirit!


West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) student section participation has really increased over the years. Every single game, home or away, they show up and show out. It has been a vital piece of support  for the Lakers’ success. The Swamp is the name of the student section and is led by Seniors Robby Niehof and Robby Jones. It was named by Nick Basel, who graduated from WBHS last year. Our mascot is a Laker, which is an alligator, and their habitat is usually in a swamp. The Swamp is a collection of students formed together to bring spirit, and cheer on the Lakers in all that they do. The themes are a major aspect for the games. The homecoming game was a neon out and recent Bloomfield Hills game was a pink out.

WBHS Student Section has received recognition from the Oakland Press and Michigan Prep Zone. The Swamp has truly made an impact not only on this school, but it also encourages students to participate and enjoy high school. Neihof says that each student can benefit from The Swamp because “This year more than most, kids are really having a positive school experience because they have something to look forward to. People are looking forward to football games and even looking forward to going to away football games because they know The Swamp is going to be there and that they will have fun with their friends. Just going to be a positive atmosphere.”

Being a part of The Swamp urges growth as a school, and it is a great way to watch the game. It is encouraged that each student takes advantage of their high school events and have great experiences. Show spirit and support your school! Let’s continue to keep that Laker spirit up!