Dual Nature



For now, I will remain nameless. You will meet me soon enough. You have probably heard about this story from many different angles. You have heard about the people who suffered, the devious man, the poor father, and the scared, lonely little girl. Maybe you do not know anything about this topic, or you have just heard minute fragments. No matter what, you do not know the true horrors that have taken place in the past three years.

It is not safe to tell you who I am, yet. I am still waiting for the trial to be over. Because of what Robert Wade did, I have made many enemies. When the time comes, you will receive a letter in the mail, or some message. You will know me, in time.

I am one of the many people you read about. The authorities have filled me in with the information that I needed to know, so we could have a complete narrative. It took them months to go back through his life, visiting his friends, neighbors, and places of work. But together, we crafted an enthralling and intriguing story. In fact, we had so much information that I did not know when to stop writing.

This story will explain a lot of controversial issues, and unanswered questions. You will learn why Robert Wade took such drastic measures, and did not reason with the police. You also might understand why Jeremy Valker did everything he did. This story even helped me answer these questions.

I will not provide my insight and personal opinions until the end of this book. I might not even speak in the first person until the end. I want you to form your own opinions and insights before you hear mine.

With all of this in mind, lets go back in time to the start of our story, and the beginning of a horrible nightmare for many people.


…to be continued next week!