The Gleaming Metal Blade

The Gleaming Metal Blade

Let  me start this off by saying that I am not insane.

It is this world that I live in that brings me such disdain.

All those greedy humans think they know best.

But now I will show them that life is just a pest!

I told them to leave me alone, and that’s all that was said

They managed to do the exact opposite instead.

They creeped through the dense forest, to my tiny wooden house.

You can hear a pin drop, it is as quiet as a mouse.

An eerie glow is cast through the trees

Which is accompanied by a whistling breeze.

When the men in suits told me to have the money when they get back.

I launched a plan for epic attack.

With my gleaming metal blade tucked away safely and tight.

I hid in the forest till the very next next night.

That’s when I heard the crunching of steps.

Along the uneven path that would certainly be their death.

They knocked down my door when there was no one there.

I waited patiently in the shadows, with a dead locked stare.

The called my name and I said in reply

“Tonight is the night all of you will die!”

They whirled around to my gleaming metal blade.

And I watched them fall down, scared and afraid.

They hit the floor with a thud, and I had to act fast.

I threw their bodies in the river, putting things into the past.

Then new suited men visited me the very next day.

They bound me with chains and dragged me away.

I took them to the river because they wanted to see the faces.

But the dead men were all gone, with empty suits in their places.

The new men said they would come back, that a price had to be paid.

So I waited in the forest with my gleaming metal blade.




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