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Everybody has someone who inspires them, whether it's family, a friend, or even someone you have never even met.


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I look up to Bob Marely, because he is peaceful, he is the best.”

— Christian Debello, 10

I look up to Marilyn Monroe, because she is a strong, independent women.”

— Allie Pufahl, 10

I look up to myself because I’m always here for myself.

— Hayden Croff, 10

I look up to my grandfather because he was very sucessful.”

— Jacob Domen, 10

I look up to my grandma because she’s always believed in me.”

— Alisibeth Watkin-Miller, 10

I look up to Hunter Hayes because he’s worked to get where he is today.”

— Emily Zaleski, 10

I look up to my mom because she is a good role model.”

— Lauren Zimmerman, 10


I look up to my dad because he’s smart, nice, an never gives up on what he does.”

— Jenna Belling, 10

I look up to Charles Darwin because he stuck his neck out.”

— Nick Fraylick, Teacher

I look up to my mom because she raised me.”

— Alexis Chism




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