Brain Blast: Science Edition

Weekly Riddles for Prizes!

Brain Blast: Science Edition

Comment the your best guesses on one of the challenging riddles below! The first person to correctly solve a riddle will receive a special prize from WBHS Science Department.


1. Homer had suffered a bizarre accident that affected his eyesight. The doctor said it would be temporary, but for the next 4 weeks, he had to adjust how he did some things. The accident had affected his focal length. He was only able to focus on objects that were 6 or more feet away from him, anything closer than 6 feet was just a blur.

Homer was used to shaving up close in front of his bathroom mirror. Now after the accident, how close could Homer get to the mirror to see his face clearly enough to shave?


2. NASA was considering sending canaries into space to study them under zero gravity. The project was scrapped when someone realized that in spite of having sufficient water supplies, they could die of dehydration within a few hours. Why?


3. There are 11 body parts that have only 3 letters (no slang allowed). What are they?


4. There was a millionaire who loved collecting gold. He bought ten solid gold shapes from a man, but the man proposed a bet. He said:

“One of these shapes is fake. It is made from a metal that looks exactly like gold. The only difference is that it is 1 gram lighter per 10 cubic cm. If you can find the fake, you can have all of the bars for free”.
So the man weighed all of the bars, and to his surprise, they all weighed the same. Because of their strange shapes, he could not simply measure them. How can the man discover the fake without any measuring tools?


5. Bob dares Jack to squeeze an ice cube in the palm of his hand, as tightly as he can for 5 minutes. Within a matter of seconds Jack starts to feel a burning sensation. Trying to prove his manhood Jack bears the pain as long as he can. About 65 seconds later, Jack opens his hand and quickly wipes his palm clean, revealing a big white blister. What caused this to happen?


Stay tuned for more riddle prizes in next week’s edition! Good Luck!