Didn’t you mean Muffin?

A filling Art experience, not a light snack.


The Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association (MIFA) is a large association that sponsors one of the largest theatre festivals in the state of Michigan. Each participating school puts on a one-act performance with 25 minutes to set-up, 45 minutes to perform, and 10 to clean up; this is a very intense competition. Last year West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) very own drama department won not only the 2nd place in districts, but also won first place in regionals.  Additionally, WBHS won students’ choice award, judges’ choice award, and most points award at states as well. The one-act play used was The Survivor; a story about a Jewish ghetto during World War II. According to a member of last year’s ensemble, WBHS Senior Maxim Vinogradov; “MIFA is being put up against the best drama programs in the whole state, all full of future professionals” Vinogradov adds that,”This year’s play, Strange Kindness, is a hilarious retelling of The Glass Menagerie, and I’m beyond excited.”  “MIFA is an elite, highly competitive group.  Our season runs from November to February.  We become a family–everyone is equal.  You trust everyone in the company.  I’ve learned discipline and how to be part of a team,” said senior Tatiana Hasbsurg.  If you are interested, there will be a workshop Wednesday November 12, and auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday November November 18 and 19 located in the auditorium. John Verloove and Bailey Boudreaux are in charge of MIFA.