Hanging Out with Hoffert!

Get To Know Your Associate Principal, Ms.Hoffert!

Hanging Out with Hoffert!

Madison Ruiz

The west Bloomfield High School Spectrum staff sat down for an interview with the new Associate Principal. We asked Ms. Mara Hoffert a series of questions, varying from what she majored in to what she likes to do outside of school. She took the time to answer our questions, to give students a better understanding of who she is, and what she is about. Ms.Hoffert has lived in West Bloomfield since 1990, and started working for the district in 2004.

Spectrum: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Hoffert: I attended Tufts University, for undergrad. I studied Political Leadership, and English with a minor in Gender.  I went to U of M for my masters, and attended the MAC program. I went to Eastern Michigan to earn my Specialist Degree, and now I’m in my last year of earning my PhD.

Spectrum: Did you always want to be an educator?

Hoffert: I went to school here as a student.  Because I attended West Bloomfield High School, I was well prepared to pursue a career in politics;  I went to work in the White House. It was an exciting time to be in Washington.  I first worked in the Legal Counsel’s office of the President, and then was hired as staff in the Student and Government Relations Office.  I learned how much I enjoyed working with students and returned to Michigan to be closer to family. I stayed connected to my former teachers, and one of my teachers invited me to explore teaching in the classroom.  Following that, I returned to school to earn my master’s and teaching certificate.  I was so grateful that a position opened at WBHS and I was able to join the staff.

Spectrum:  What did you enjoy about teaching?

Hoffert: I loved  creating new courses that merged education and civic participation–courses in which students learned to better understand the world outside our community. I really enjoyed working with my students–developing relationships and seeing them flourish.

Spectrum: What is your vision for the high school?

Hoffert: My vision is similar to the district vision, to educate students to be the best in and for the world. In order to do that, we need to continue offering choices to students and have many interactive opportunities for students to explore.  I want students to leave WBHS fully prepared to realize their post-secondary aspirations.

Spectrum: What have you learned in your new position?

Hoffert: I’ve learned how to balance multiple people’s needs and try to help and support students who need me. My goal is to keep as many opportunities open to students as is possible.  I learned that you  never know what to expect and learning will never end or be over.

Spectrum: What activities do you like to do out of school?

Hoffert:  I’m still very interested in politics.  I also enjoy yoga, travel, nature, music…. basically whatever helps me relax.