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WBHS Varsity Cheer

The Varsity Cheerleaders at the WBHS Homecoming Parade

The Varsity Cheerleaders at the WBHS Homecoming Parade

West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) Varsity Cheer is a sport that is more than just half-time chants and fancy flips; it is a sport that takes dedication, heart, and skill. With the fun (and commitment) of the sideline season and the combative attitudes of competition, Varsity Cheer is a difficult sport. According to Tracy Hoban, the WBHS Varsity Cheer coach, the sideline season starts in June and ends at the end of October. Practices are Monday through Friday after school. Hoban also says the competitive season begins the second week of November, and goes through the end of February. “Because the competitive season is so close to sideline season, there is very little time to prepare. [We] are even supposed to have a two week rest period. However, with the football playoffs, that may not happen,” says Taylor Grier, a member of the Varsity Cheer team.

With the success of the WBHS Varsity Football team, the sideline season will be extended. “With our football team making it to the playoffs, we extend our Sideline Cheerleading season to help cheer them on to victory! We will continue to cheer them on throughout the playoffs,” says Hoban. The sideline cheer team is ecstatic with the extension of their season. “It is going to be very intense. I am very excited. Coach Tracy might have us do a little bit of sideline cheer at the same time as competitive cheer,” says Grier. Along with the current extension, the prospects of states are greatly within sight, which raises the morale on the team.

As clearly seen, the WBHS varsity cheer team is a sport that takes commitment, and dedication. According to Tierra Riddick, a member of the team, lots of students participate in both sideline and competitive cheer, amounting to nearly a nine month season. Yet, according to Hoban, it is still popular belief that cheerleading is not a sport. Hoban begs to differ. “We continue to hear that ‘Cheerleading isn’t considered a sport’ and I want to clarify that Competitive Cheerleading is officially a MHSAA sport. We do compete against other teams, just like all other sports do and also have a League, District and State competition. Cheerleaders can also earn scholarships like every other sport. If you have ever walked by one of our practices, I’m sure we could prove to you that we are true athletes.” The Varsity Cheerleaders work and commit just as much, if not more, than other sports at WBHS.


Varsity Cheer Roster


Tierra RiddickTasha Carson

Alexis Pate

Zharia Terry

Amber Oldani

Jackie Wenninger

Jayla Grier

Briana Lee

Carlee Widmer

Anna Mira

Raquel Bolden

Jasmine Baldwin

Myah Henry

Valerie Sologub

Bianca Hoban

Annalise Neitzke

Christina Johnson

Denitra Brown

Faith Joyce

Devyn Barnette

Brianna Westpfahl

Sam Graham

Tacaria Caldwell