You Can’t Take it With You!


Photo by Avery Ribiat



On November 7th at 7:00 pm West Bloomfield High School’s theatre program hosted their fabulous fall play You Can’t Take it With You! A play about family and finding happiness and love in life. Cast members describe You Can’t Take it With You as “ A rendition of Romeo and Juliet with an insane twist.” The story starts off with a romance between Alice Sycamore and Tony Kirby. Even though their love seems strong, one problem divides the two from being together: their families.


The Sycamore family (Alice’s family) seems slightly eccentric. But although they seem strange, they love each other and live contently with all of their quirky traits. Alice, loves her family, but finds herself wishing her family would be more “normal” like the Kirby family. The Kirby family (Tony’s family) consists of just Tony Kirby and his parents. The family sets their standards high as they dress in the best of clothes and live life in riches along with proper etiquette, however the Kirby family lacks a sense of happiness. When both families come together they learn how every family experiences problems in life, and to solve them a both families must work as a whole. This emerges as  a play full of laughter and surprises that keeps the audience smiling for the entire time.


Assistant Principal Eric Pace says “The explosions on set was the best part of the play. My favorite character was Essie because of how well  Madeleine Hughes embodied the craziness of that character”  Actress Avery Ribiat (Mrs.Kirby) explains  “We spent six weeks together, hours at a time, and even though we get sick of each other really fast we get really close. And we become a family. We see each others strengths and weaknesses and we annoy the hell out of each other, but it’s weird going home and not seeing all your best friends there working with you.” Ribiat goes on and explains  her favorite parts of performing and her favorite characters, “I think that after working for six weeks on characterization and becoming who you’re supposed to, when you get on stage and you sink into that character and that mindset you go to a different place and it’s really an amazing feeling when you go on stage. My favorite characters were Essie and Grandpa, because they were just hysterical and contrasting. As grandpa being very sarcastic but he also speaks the truth and then Essie who is just a bubbly ball of lights. Both of them were hysterical to watch. It was just an honor to work with them.”


The show received a roar of cheers and applause when it ended,and actors and actresses ran across the stage to get one last praise as they all bowed. Everyone left with a smile and a new sense of happiness and appreciation for their family. The crew put an amazing amount of effort into their performance and it really paid off. The play You Can’t Take it With You may be one of the best plays the theatre production has put together.






Photos by Avery Ribiat