The (Book) Club For You

A club for book lovers who like to discuss and analyze what they read.


Do you love books? Are you looking to expand your horizons with different genres? Do you like discussing your thoughts and going deeper into the analysis of books? If so, the Book Club is the club for you. Most clubs have commitments and mandatory meetings, but a great thing about Book Club is that the meetings are optional and you do not need to commit to every book. The meetings are held in the distance learning lab and at a meeting there will be discussions about the books and similar topics as well as refreshments. Another fun thing about this club is being able to meet one of the authors of the books you will be reading.

Each year the Book Club list changes, either by Mr. Steven Palizzi, the Information and Technology Specialist,  or discussion the previous year about which genres. Below is a list of the books that Book Club will be reading this year.



Title Author Genre Date of Meeting
Gated Amy Parker Thriller Oct. 16, 2014
Thousand Words Jennifer Brown Realistic Nov. 13, 2014
Before I Fall Lauren Oliver Unique Style Dec. 11, 2014
The Sea of Tranquillity Katja Millay Alex Award Jan. 8, 2015
Belle Epoque Elizabeth Ross Historical Feb. 12, 2015
Driving with Dead People Monica Holloway Memoir Mar. 12, 2015
The Raft S.A. Bodeen Adventure Apr. 16, 2015
Golden Jessi Kirby Realistic May 14, 2015


Student reads Book Club book, "Before I Fall"
Student reads Book Club book, “Before I Fall”