My Angels Died

My Angels Died

The angels will cry and the snow will fall

the earth will soon die with pollution and all

In this world we will know pain

unreal and fake it will seem,


yet in the midst of a tragic death

we see a light

The sun will rise as a promise to earth

that it will go on until the ends of this world


The beauty of winter is always forgotten

the heartbeat of one is never allotted,

the time we want, the time we need,

the time it takes to heal a heartbeat,


for the angels will cry and the snow will fall

In the depths of winter I will lay with them all.

I will fall with the promise of a spring when I wake

And one day that promise will break


For I know that this heart

beating in my chest

will rise and fall never to give another breath

but this in itself is a promise I made

when I chose to live, when I chose fate


For those who believe that fate is controlling,

will do well to remember in those who are showing

the love of this world

magic and might

of a single person who gives light


Yes the heart will stop but the soul lives on

giving the rest something to hold on .