More than Her Pearls

Did I win or did you lose or did this world just abuse,

the youth of our ignorance, so sweet and new,

different and strange this love was to you


a list of my own

a place to call mine

in your home I felt divine


for you let me be

all that I am

finally feeling alive again


so much more, than so many girls

I was worth more than her pearls

yet your heart was heavy and your silence deafening

words were not spoken as I left in a hurry


the morning was sweet till you asked me to leave

for I want what I want

and I need what I need

and you gave me a peak of eternity


I wish it could last and I wish time would stop

to give me a chance to be your love

for I need to be loved and I want it from you

if only you felt the same way too.