The Last Time


Forget and move on

they say to me

as if it is easy


you didn’t even date him

you didn’t even love

he gave you nothing and yet you gave him your all


I can forget and pretend its a dream

so easy it seems for him to believe

this life will move swiftly on and before tomorrow a month will be gone


the pain will lessen and my body forgets

what it felt like, his hands with my wrist

sleeping alone gets easier with time


healing will come if I allow this night

to disappear and now it’s gone

this is the last time I think of it all


the truth is I fell, and I can’t see how

it was only one night ,so why did I let

all that I am be stripped away, just for a man


really a boy, not mature at all

snuck in my heart and stole it all

all that I had, all that I was

I questioned my morals for nothing at all


I have lost myself and I try to get back

but it simply won’t come as a matter a fact

the more I see him the more it hurts

it becomes the opposite of all its worth


I go through the motions and let it be

I lied and said it was simply nothing

but the truth that is real is it was so much more

because I made time stop and I ruled the world.