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Week of November 17-November 23

Lakers celebrate a victory on the freezing ice

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Lakers celebrate a victory on the freezing ice


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West Bloomfield High School ice hockey was in full-force last week as they slashed, fought, and slid their way around the ice. Hockey was the only game in town last week, but that certainly did not tarnish the excitement and athletic spirit.
Brrrrr! It was as cold outside as it was inside the ice arena where excitement was found as the WBHS Boys Varsity ice hockey team kicked off their season. The action packed season opener took place on Thursday, November 20, as they took on Flint Kearsley High School. The Lakers demolished their competition in a high scoring 11-6 final. WBHS’ explosive offence was led by Senior, Sean Wigler with 3 goals. Cam Dickinson (Junior), Drew Warneke (Junior), and Andre Kilpela (Junior) each scored 2 goals. Ian McDonald (Junior) and Josh Ramsey (Sophomore) each scored one goal. On Saturday November 22nd, the Varsity Hockey team went head to head with Fraser High School. Goaltender, Anthony Crews (Sophomore) was able to keep the puck from the back of the net, as WBHS won with a shutout. The team was able to come up with a 4-0 win. Goals were scored by Brandon Somers (Sophomore), Andre Kilpela, Andrew McDonald (Junior), and Drew Warneke. So far this season, they are 2-0, and WBHS hopes to see even more success this season.
The WBHS hockey team exploited all their weapons this week and continued to make WBHS proud. They found twine (material of net) multiple at the right times as they positioned themselves on an unblemished record for the rest of their winter season. They made WBHS proud as they were part of the only athletic event in the week and came through with the win. Come back next week for another sports update!

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