A Real Stress Reliever

Mentors and Mentees De-Stress Together

A Real Stress Reliever


As the holiday season nears, it is easy to become stressed from balancing school work, family events, and all the other activities most students have going on. This is why West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) mentorship program invited their freshman mentees to an afternoon of stress relieving yoga, on Monday, November 24th. This was the first time hosting an event like this; even though the turnout was a little lower than expected, everyone that attended had a great time. Mr. Joshua Johnson, the mentorship teacher, said the mentorship program “forms Freshmen-Upperclassmen relationships that allows successful students to pass on their skills to a younger class. It was a great way to start the two day week before break. Mentors had a chance to talk with their Freshman mentees on a deeper level, while also having fun.”  Dahlia Rubenstein, an 11th grader, said that the mentorship program, “is a good lead from middle school to high school, it’ll help them out and it is a chance to get extra advice.”


WBHS Art teacher and 15 year yoga practitioner Ms. Molly Marshall led the class in the de-stressing event. She believes that yoga benefits students because, “ It makes students more aware of their body and their breath, and I think the more we become aware of that, the more we can become aware of our stress levels, and work to do things that help lower our stress.” Nikki Fink, Junior , said that this activity helped her because, “I got the chance to de-stress from everything in my life, and learn new yoga positions, and learn how to breathe, and just be chill. I would definitely do this again because Ms. Marshall is a really great instructor and I think all of us really benefited from it.”


Some of the mentors we interviewed were asked about why they joined the program. Erin Suchara, Junior, said, “ I decided to become a mentor because in middle school, I was a part of the W.E.B. (Where Everyone Belongs) Program in middle school, which is like the same thing, and I also had a really good mentor when I was a freshman, so that inspired me.” Rubenstein also said that she became a mentor because, “I like leadership opportunities and I think it’s fun to help people out, and I just enjoy being helpful”.  If organizing fun activities, helping out underclassmen, and setting a good example sound like things that are enjoyable to you, consider becoming a mentor next year.