Liberty’s Fall

Libertys Fall

they called to me from across the sea

but they were lies, one and all

these whispers of freedom and democracy

would even disturb Roald Dahl.

this room is damp and full of shite

with six of us to share the smell

I would have never thought it right

if I had known, I’d be entering hell

my days are spent stuck in a cage

breaking my back for those who stand high

the gears turn with the face of plague

each hour makes me want to die

those who fight have an even harder time

they try to salvage what humanity remains

but they are beaten down, as if committing a crime

and it makes one feel as if bound in chains

with nowhere left to run

it seems as though this will never end

to leave it at this, I am done.

I am sorry to leave you, I love you my friend.