The Traveling Demon



There once was a girl as pale as snow, with hair as red as blood, and big bambi eyes with the sweetest disposition. No one really knew where she came from, or where she went to at night. Everybody agreed that she just showed up out of the blue, as if she was created by someone and dropped right into the middle of their busy lives. And like the way she showed up, she disappeared into thin air. But as unusual as her sudden appearance was, what happened while she was there was more unusual.

Objects moved on their own, shifting when no one was looking, as if they suddenly came to life for a moment. People went missing from their homes in the dark of night, no signs of struggle, no blood, and nothing was missing except their person. And one occasion, all the people and their things flipped upside-down. No one went to work that day, too scared that they would fly off into the sky and never come back.

At every incident there was always a common factor. The girl as pale as snow. Some say they saw her dancing around a fire at night, chanting in strange tongues. Others said they saw her walk into peoples homes without any invitation and whenever she did so the strange things would happen. They may not have agreed about how she was making these things happen but they did know that she was the root of their problem.

One night dangerous things stirred in the townspeople’s hearts; something dangerous. A small group gathered in secret, planning dark and evil things to get rid of this strange girl. But before anything could happen, the group, like all the other missing people, they vanished. This sent the people into a silent frenzy. Scared families moved out suddenly, frightened for their lives, and in their rush leave the majority of their belongings in their home.

Then suddenly the doe eyed girl vanished, but her reputation stayed. The town, though things went back to normal, were never the same. A suspicion was filled in their hearts about everything and everyone, a belief in magic was rooted in their thoughts. No one knew why she showed up, nor why she left, but they do know that the doe eyed girl was a demon wrapped in innocence.